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Welcome to the Chinatown Rose website.


Once started out as a gigging jazzy/latin trio way back in 1994, Chinatown Rose is now solely the brainchild of dutch songwriter, producer and guitar player Henk Kruijthof.

The only purpose of this webpage is to promote my own songs. I do not intend to cut it as a performing artist, neither on CD or on stage. So don't expect to find any top notch studio quality tracks here although much effort was put into making these recordings sound as good as possible.

So who am I looking for? Anyone who wants a decent, original pop song : Bands, solo artists or their representatives such as (A&R) managers, producers, music publishers and record label employees. I write songs in almost any conceivable style or genre. You'll find many good examples on the Music page.

You are free and even encouraged to spread these songs across the globe. Use them the way anyway you want: MySpace, Twitter, Tumblr, P2P networks, internet-radio, (compilation) CD's, DJ sets etc. etc. Re-record them if you like for your own albums. You know what to do. Just don't make any money with my babies! All the songs are registered at the dutch Buma/Stemra who cover the global music repertoire in the Netherlands and collects remuneration in this country, so when you do, make sure I get my fair share. Thank you.

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Last update : may 29, 2014.

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